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I do one kind of coaching: how to know yourself, let go of what’s not working, and find your true purpose. Joyful relationships and business success are the by-products. Because I work with many high-achievers and successful leaders, I sometimes get asked if I do ‘executive coaching.’ I do indeed coach many executives, men and women, but our focus is less on business and more on how your personal issues affect your success, in all areas of your life.

I coach with clarity and a kind of ‘down-and-dirty’ approach to telling clients what I see and what I think about how they get in their own way, hide from their true nature, or get lost in imagined obligations that become seeds of bitterness and suffering. I offer kindness and boundless compassion, but I do not walk on eggshells: when we work together, you will walk into the fire that you’ve been dancing around. I work in partnership with clients who are ready to change. I do not provide advice or solutions; instead, I offer intuitive insights and custom-designed tools to help my clients make their own best choices. My goal is to work myself out of a job and to teach you how to coach yourself back to loving your life again.

I’m not a coach for everyone. But if it sounds like it’s time, contact me to inquire about my current openings. We’ll email, perhaps talk, and decide if it’s a good fit.




Master_hi-res Certified Instute for Equus CoachingRingLeader Equine Coaching at Blue Star Ranch:

RingLeader Equine Coaching private sessions are booked in full or half days sessions. Half day sessions run from 9-2 pm and full days run from 9-5 pm. Both options include light breakfast, lunch, and time to explore the property. You’ll have a variety of experiences onsite at the Ranch, including time in the Round Pen, one-on-one coaching outside of the Pen, and Herding exercises, along with time for reflection, integration, and follow-up with your coach.

RingLeader Group Coaching Days are for groups of 2-4 people working a 5-hour day, including lunch and time for exploring the property. You will observe your fellow participants as they are coached, and they will observe you, as well, in a supportive and confidential community. You may notice that it’s easier to spot other people’s patterns than it is to spot your own!

RingLeader Equine Coaching Fees at Blue Star Ranch:
Private Half Day Session: $1850
Private Full Day Session: $2800
Group RingLeader Coaching Days (group of 2-4): $925 per person

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Praise for Dr. Trish

“Working with Dr. Ring is an eye opening experience!  After practicing law for 35 years, I thought I knew all about decision making and relationships, but Dr. Ring was able to help me see things differently.  Her coaching was thought provoking (using an almost Socratic method), supportive, and revelatory.  Any time spent with Dr. Ring is time well spent!”
— Jan Krause, Attorney

“Working with Trish through a very difficult life transition was the gift I needed. Her direct, clear approach helped me move forward.  I was able to release old behaviors that no longer served my best interest. I am at a much better place thanks to her wisdom and guidance.  Every once in a while I need a follow up coaching session with Trish — for a wake-up call & just to remind me that I should follow my own advice!”
— Allyson Avera

“Dr. Trish is a genius at getting all the thoughts and dreams on the table. She listens reflectively, she asks the right questions…. She is supportive and makes right-on suggestions for clear thoughts and clear feelings…. She reframes thoughts to be positive, focusing on what to be grateful for, what to expect, what to set as a goal and how to get there. Phenomenal advisor/coach. Highly recommended for whatever in life finds you STUCK!”
— Pat

“I moved to the United States four years ago to marry.  Leaving home and landing in a completely unknown place was a challenge! The question that I had was ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ – both personally and professionally.

I found Trish on Martha Beck’s website. Trish warned me from the very beginning that was going to be a straightforward effort, and so it was! She made me laugh, she made me cry, and she made me see the good things in everything. She taught me how to be in my business and only my business, and GOD, that is hard! She is very intuitive, very considerate, very patient and she made my worries sound funny. That is the real gift – turning fears and worries into something to laugh about. Her exercises were funny and very profound. Everything she says and does gets you closer to discovering your own truth.

Trish is one of the few people I can trust and rely on, and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with her – she changed my life and I know I am learning more about me every day because of her.”
— Corina

“Trish gets to the point fast, and stays with you while you catch up. Her insights are spot-on and she taught me so many useful strategies that I kind of started stealth coaching my kids! I was in a ‘mom prison’ with all my beliefs about what I could and couldn’t do as a parent. Now I actually enjoy my family again. Get coached. You deserve it.”

“Trish coaches like a skilled professional but talking with her is also like having a deep conversation with a good friend. She has helped me tremendously.”