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Past Classes

RingLeader Equine Coach Training
LAUNCHES its inaugural class in 2017!

Would you love to spend a week immersed in horse country?  Learning the power of partnering with horses to help your clients better understand themselves?  Are you ready to get out of the office and into nature?

If you are a certified counselor, therapist, consultant, educator, or life coach, you’ll learn what you need to expand your current practice in ways that you can only imagine!

*  This program has been reviewed and approved by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Office Continuing Education in Psychology (CEP) to offer 28 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credit for psychologists. Full attendance is required to receive CE credit. Partial credit is not awarded. The CEP Office maintains responsibility for the delivery of the sessions.

Hear all about the RingLeader Equine Coach Training from the faculty themselves, Trish Ring, Meagan English, Yvette McIntire, and Ali Smallpage.

March 1st Q&A call with RingLeader Equine Coach Training Faculty.

Download here

April 5th Q&A call with RingLeader Equine Coach Training Faculty.

Download here

FREE Teleclass facilitated by the RingLeader Equine Coach Training Faculty,
Dr. Trish Ring, Meagan English, and Yvette McIntire.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 1:00 EASTERN.

Setting Boundaries for Southern Women Teleclass
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Teleclass Handout – Click Here
stay_in_own_business-smIf you grew up with someone teaching you manners and proper behavior (whether you’re from the South or not), you may have developed a tendency to rely on maneuvering and manipulation to reclaim your personal power. This technique ‘works’ in the short run but causes resentment and an ‘exploding doormat’ outcome – suddenly, you’re not very nice, at all!

Join us for stories and strategies from a true Southerner who understands the cost of ‘being sweet’ when what you really yearn for is the freedom to speak your truth.

This FREE Teleclass is for women who

  • are kind and concerned about others’ feelings
  • feel burdened by others’ demands and expectations
  • struggle with an ingrained belief that they should never be rude
  • find themselves increasingly frustrated in their roles in their social groups, families, and workplace


This recording covers:

  • Cultural norms that silence women’s true selves
  • How to tolerate the tension of disappointing people in your life
  • Strategies for setting and honoring boundaries
  • Q & A session with listeners


BIO: Trish Ring, Ph.D., is a Coach who relies on 20 years of practice as a psychologist, a big hit of intuition, and newfound freedom in her training with Martha Beck. She’s the owner-operator of Blue Star Ranch in Cashiers, North Carolina, where she coaches people with horses and just soaks up the gifts of nature. A former professor of Psychology of Women at Rhodes College, she’s lived and researched women’s roles in our changing world. Join her for stories, strategies, and support….