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Once upon a time I wrote a parenting column for the Orlando Sentinel, and I did copyediting for babysitting money in graduate school. I have a habit of writing in order to figure out what I’m really thinking about things. After 20 years of writing stories for an imagined audience, I’m in the process of compiling them into 3 books that complement each other. One is a memoir that tells the tales of a child growing up good and southern in the days when Black folks couldn’t even try on shoes at the local department store. One is a lifestyle book that shows pictures of coming back home to what is old and true by reconnecting with nature. And one is what my clients have been clamoring for: a ‘self-help’ book on Boundaries. It’s got some How To’s in it, which may be helpful, though I stand fast in my belief that there are any number of good ways to help yourself get out of somebody else’s business. It’s the deciding to get out that’s the hardest part. But, as one of my favorite clients says, “OK, but at least tell me how to get started.” This book tells you how to get started.

The books are expected to release in 2023.