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My classical training as a scientist-practitioner psychologist informs all of my work, from coaching to writing to horse training. I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida (’96) and spent three years of post-doc psychoanalytic training in the Jungian Seminar of Memphis. After two decades in a traditional therapy practice, I did additional training to be certified as a Master Coach in personal coaching. When we decided to build Blue Star Ranch, I trained with several horse whisperers in order to bring my knowledge and skills into play in the arena with horses.

I offer limited coaching to a select few clients. Most of the work that I do with clients is time-limited because we move so quickly!

My clients are working on self-reliance, and even the most accomplished of us, at times, forget our own intuitive sense of what we need to do next. I’m a sounding board, an experienced mentor, and a sensitive intuitive. I’ll work with you to help you re-connect with what is most true for you.

My organizational clients are managers and executives in professions that value human connection and collaboration. I have three decades of experience in troubleshooting ‘difficult’ situations at work. We will create a strategy that keeps your values in top priority.

Prices and Fees

$250 per individual session
$2,000 for a package of 10 sessions, with a 6-month expiration date

I work virtually via Zoom. Packages include timely coaching via email.

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