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RingLeaderTM Equine Coaching is an experience that gives clients a real, in-the-moment understanding of how they communicate, relate, feel, and use their personal power.

Trish Ring, RingLeader Equine Coach and owner of Blue Star Ranch, gives us some insight into what a typical experience might be like: You step into the Round Pen with a horse. Your coach asks you a few questions about what you’d like to work on – Team building with the rest of your executive team? Better communication with your loved ones? Getting clear about a decision?


Then, your coach suggests some activities with your horse. And, your horse responds to you. If you move with calm confidence, then your horse will fall into step with you. If you’re anxious, then the horse gets nervous. If you’re not a clear leader, the horse will start to lead you. If you can’t communicate, we’ll see that happen in the Round Pen. If you send out too much aggression, your horse will just run away. Then your coach will help you change your patterns and when that happens, your horse will align with you.

It’s experiential learning at its most powerful. And, it’s fun!

The basic principle of RingLeader Equine Coaching is that whatever happens in the Round Pen is a ‘mirror’ of what is happening somewhere else in your life. Your coach helps you discover the insight that is waiting for you.

The beauty of learning in this kind of environment is that it really sinks in.

You don’t have to remember what the experts say, or what you read in that leadership book. Instead, you have a deeply felt sense of what happened in that Round Pen, and it just stays with you, even as you walk into the boardroom, or the family conference, or that difficult conversation that’s looming…. You are changed.

RingLeader Equine Coaching private sessions are booked in full or half day sessions. Half day sessions run from 9-2 pm and full days run from 9-5 pm. Both options include light breakfast, lunch, and time to explore the property. You’ll have a variety of experiences onsite at the Ranch, including time in the Round Pen, one-on-one coaching outside of the Pen, and Herding exercises, along with time for reflection, integration, and follow-up with your coach.

RingLeader Group Coaching Days are for groups of 2-4 people working a 5-hour day, including lunch and time for exploring the property. You will observe your fellow participants as they are coached, and they will observe you, as well, in a supportive and confidential community. You may notice that it’s easier to spot other people’s patterns than it is to spot your own!

RingLeader Equine Coaching Fees at Blue Star Ranch:
Private Half Day Session: $1850
Private Full Day Session: $2800
Group RingLeader Coaching Days (group of 2-4): $925 per person

Groups larger than 4: Please email for information on setting up a Custom RingLeader Coaching Day.

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